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Rates & Coverage

The Plan offers two coverage choices for active employees, COBRA participants and non-Medicare eligible retirees: Base Coverage and Select Coverage. Each coverage type is independent of the other.

An employee may choose Base Coverage or Select Coverage at initial enrollment. If timely application is made and the appropriate premium amount is paid, the effective date of coverage for the employee and any eligible dependent(s) begins the first day of employment. If an employee does not enroll or if he waives coverage within 31 days of employment, application may be made only during an open enrollment or special enrollment period.

  • The State pays 100 percent of the active employee premium for employees enrolled in Base Coverage.
  • All employees enrolled in Select Coverage pay a portion of their active employee premium.
  • Horizon employees pay $38 per month for employee only coverage.
  • Legacy employees pay $20 per month for employee only coverage.


An employee who was initially employed before January 1, 2006, is a Legacy Employee. An employee employed on or after January 1, 2006, who was ever a full-time employee of a community/junior college, public library, public school district, State agency or university before January 1, 2006, is also considered a Legacy Employee. An employee initially employed on or after January 1, 2006, is a Horizon Employee.


The State and School Employee Health Insurance Management Board is pleased to announce that the 5% health insurance premium rate increases previously announced for July 1, 2018, have been rescinded. Based on favorable trends reflected in our latest actuarial analysis, the Board voted to reduce the planned rate increases from 5% down to 3%, and to delay the effective date of the increases until January 1, 2019. A full listing of the planned January 1, 2019 premium rates will be released soon, and will likewise be available on our website.

View the following link for current premium rates. You can also download a copy of the Application for Coverage and view a link to current life insurance rates for retirees

In order to determine which type coverage is best for you, please view the links below.

Federal Notices and Summaries of Coverage

If you still have questions about your coverage, send us an email at: KnowYourBenefits@dfa.ms.gov.


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